Our Netting

Upgrade Your Slow Feeding Experience with Unparalleled Quality and Safety from Nag Bags.

Triple-braided, knotless, nylon blend nets crafted with animals in mind! Discover the superior quality of Nag Bags, meticulously designed with safety and durability in mind. These exceptional hay nets are knitted from a premium blend of nylon fibers, ensuring reliability and longevity and are proudly made in Canada. All our nets strictly adhere to the highest Canadian textile standards.

Mindful Closure Design:

Our slow feeders are made with a simple yet effective design. Our net bottoms are securely closed with a metal q-link, and the top closure features a top-quality triple-braided un-looped rope. Unlike looped ropes, our design allows all our nets to be safely used loosely on the ground(with non-shod horses).

Putting Safety First:

At Nag Bags, the safety and quality of our grazing nets, and all our products, are our top priority. As avid equestrians with a deep understanding of agriculture and equine health care, we genuinely care about your horses and animals, treating them as if they were our own. All products go through years of testing and trailing before entering the market. Mandy is currently in the process of finishing one of her latest creations soon. 

Expert Assistance for Your Slow Feeding System:

We understand that every farm, ranch, or equestrian facility has unique needs. We're here to help you set up the best slow-feeding system tailored to your conditions and needs. Feel free to contact us by email or phone; we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Experience the Nag Bags Difference:

When you choose Nag Bags, you're choosing premium slow feeders crafted with love and expertise. Elevate your horse's feeding experience with our durable and horse-friendly hay nets. Join us in prioritizing your grazing animals' safety, quality, and well-being.

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