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How it all started

Meet Mandy and the reason why Nag Bags became what it is

How it all started...

Our Story

In the heart of December 2004, an extraordinary journey began for Amanda, affectionately known as Mandy, the visionary behind Nag Bags. The story unfolded as she eagerly awaited the arrival of her dream horse, Scottie, who was being transported from Oklahoma to Alberta.

The excitement was palpable as Mandy prepared to meet Scottie in person. Up until then, she had only seen him through videos, but mentors and friends assured her that Scottie was the perfect match for her and the level of competition she aspired to. Taking a leap of faith, Mandy welcomed Scottie into her life with open arms.

However, despite Scottie's undeniable magnificence, he came with his share of challenges. As a top futurity show horse, his early training involved prolonged periods of confinement in stalls and limited outdoor access. This lifestyle led to issues like ulcers and stressed-out digestive and nervous systems. Scottie's diet heavily relied on grain and had been subjected to a barrage of vaccinations.

Driven by her deep love and dedication to natural well-being, Mandy set out on a quest to restore Scottie's health and happiness. She knew that a more natural approach to his care was crucial. Her primary goal was to provide Scottie with constant access to forage, ensuring he had the freedom to graze as he naturally would.

In her pursuit of a better feeding solution, Mandy experimented with various old-school hay nets. However, she found that many of them posed potential dangers, such as large holes that risked entanglement or overeating. Fuelled by a desire to protect while looking for a solution for Scottie and other horses, Mandy was determined to create a safer, more functional hay net that would promote natural feeding behaviours.

After countless hours of trial and error, the breakthrough moment he arrived. Scottie took to the newly designed feeding system with ease. He no longer felt restricted by a limited diet and showed a remarkable reduction in stress levels. Mandy noticed a positive change in Scottie's overall demeanour – he was no longer a prisoner to the two-flake diet that had caused him so much stress and discomfort.

As friends and fellow horse enthusiasts witnessed the transformative impact on Scottie's well-being, they expressed a keen interest in obtaining similar hay nets for their own horses. This overwhelming demand marked the birth of Natural Alternative Grazers, lovingly known as Nag Bags.

The journey to establish Nag Bags was not without its challenges. Mandy's determination and passion knew no bounds, from cutting nets on her knees in front of the garage to enlisting her daughters' help after school and her partner Shawn's support in wrapping nets around round bales.

Scottie's profound influence on Mandy's life inspired her to share the benefits of Nag Bags with others facing similar challenges. Today, Nag Bags has evolved into a thriving community of animal lovers seeking a more natural and compassionate approach to animal care.

As Scottie gracefully enters his twenties, he continues to radiate joy and love, a testament to the care and compassion he has received. With each heartwarming testimonial from satisfied clients, Mandy and the Nag Bags team find renewed motivation to keep making a positive difference in the lives of horses and their owners.

Join the ever-growing community of horse enthusiasts and share your own journey with Nag Bags. Head over to our Testimonial page and become a part of our mission to enhance the well-being of these magnificent creatures that bring so much joy and fulfillment to our lives. Together, let's create a happier and healthier future for our beloved animals with Nag Bags - a true journey of healing, compassion, and revolutionary grazing again!


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