Land, Truth and Reconciliation

Dear Community,

We gather here today to reflect upon our shared history and to take steps toward reconciliation with Indigenous communities, whose land we now call home. It is a moment of truth, healing, and coming together as a community.

We begin by acknowledging that we are on the traditional territory of the Similkameen People. We honour their deep connection to this land, the rivers, and the mountains that have sustained their way of life for countless generations. We recognize the injustices that they have faced over the years, including the dispossession of their land and the impact of colonization on their culture and traditions. 

The truth and reconciliation process is essential to healing the wounds of the past and building a more inclusive and equitable future. We acknowledge that reconciliation is a complex journey that requires commitment, understanding, and respect. We are committed to:

  1. Acknowledging the Truth: We commit to learning and understanding the history of the Similkameen People, their culture, and the injustices they have faced. We will educate ourselves about the legacy of colonization and its ongoing impacts.
  2. Listening and Learning: We will actively listen to the voices of the Similkameen People and their experiences. We will seek their guidance and wisdom as we work together toward reconciliation.
  3. Respect and Collaboration: We will respect the rights, traditions, and sovereignty of all Indigenous Peoples. We will collaborate with them on initiatives that promote cultural revitalization, economic development, and social well-being within their Community.
  4. Support and Healing: We will support resources to address the intergenerational trauma that has resulted from historical injustices. Mental health services, education, and other forms of support will be offered in partnership with reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not a one-time event but an ongoing commitment. We invite all members of the Princeton and surrounding communities to join us on this journey. Together, we can build a community that recognizes and respects the rights and contributions of the Similkameen People and all Indigenous communities.

As we reflect on our past, we look to the future with hope and determination. Together, we can create a more just, inclusive, and compassionate community where all voices are heard, and all cultures are celebrated.

Let us walk this path of reconciliation together, acknowledging the land and the truth, and forging a stronger, more united community for future generations.


With respect and solidarity,

Nag Bags



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