Poly Ring Size Chart

Always size up! We recommend either sizing up one to two extra panels to offer the best fit and ease of use.

Round Bale  Poly Ring Panels Recommended 
4X4  5 or 6 panels
5X5   6 or 7 panels 
6X6   7 panels 

Have Larger Bales? Check Out 
AGI Poly 8ft Tombstone Feeder


Net Size Guide  

Net size   Animals  Hay Type Extra Things to Keep in Mind
1 inch 
Minis, ponies, chickens & horses that have mastered the 1.5”

Most hay types.

Not suitable for fine, short hay or compressed bales

Very restricting.

Must be used with  correct hay and animal 

1.5 inch
Most horses, donkeys, mules, alpacas, llama, goats, sheep, bunnies & chickens

Fine, coarse, medium hay, alfalfa & mixes & straw


Best for introducing slow feeding or for use in cold months.


2 inch  Working horses, hard keepers, young & elderly

 All hay types & compressed bales

Most popular size great for maintaining a healthy weight
2.75 inch
Large breeds, elderly horses & cows   
All hay types & compressed bales
Great for colder climates & easy access to hay