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Paula Saam
Bought 2

So the first one I bought a couple of years ago was a 1.5. Saved my horse, he can't handle dust. Decided to get another this year...2.75. works the same but is smaller than the a fair bit so therefore doesn't hold as much hay....I don't use squares. We made a frame to hold it while filling loose hay..same width at opening but shorter. Also the cord appears thinner so hopefully it's as though as the first one.

Kathy Gauthier
Wish I bought this before!

I am using those slowfeeder since 4 months and it is so great!! It really save me time and money! no more soiled hay to on the ground to scrape and pick up! And my horses are so calme because they don’t have an empty stomach! I put 6 small square bales in a feeder and put this net over it and they have hay for 3 to 3 1/2 days!! Plus these nets are very resistant !! And I really appreciated the great service and good advices I had !! Thank you Nad Bag!!

Michelle Rowe
Works well for chunks of square bales

I section off chunks of 750# bales into these. They hold about 2-3 small bales worth of hay. Then I drop these in large tire feeders w/ my tractor. Works well for my crew, its 2-3 days of hay for 2 horses. There is very little wasted hay.

Lov it!

The 2 bale slip feeder is great. I don't have any waste and where I live we get a lot of spring and early summer rain. With the 2 bag bag bale slip I'm not wasting hay and it's not getting moldy like my round bales were, and I'm not having to waste part of a bale. Works as I can feed just enough to get through my crazy work schedule. Plus I can fit 3 80lb square bales and have fit 4, but it's a little tight with 4. I would recommend this product. I intend to buy another.