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Susan Mackey
Love the Mini Nag Bags!

I echo Pip Breckon's review. I feed by weight and the Mini Nag Bags hang easily on my scale for filling.

I moved from the 1" to 1.5" holes after watching my Miniature mare getting frustrated over the smaller ones.

Great product. I only have the one horse but have 3 nets for convenience. 😊♥️

Pip Breckon
Love them

I got 4 mini one flake 1.5 hole bags for my miniature horses. They are great! Easy to fill and I love the toggle closing. I feed by the pound and like the ease of these bags.

Kathryn Love
Love NagBags

Relatively indestructible, I like the mini bags because Icelandics need only one flake per feeding and look like ticks when they get too much hay! This way My worst instincts are controlled!

Sarah Ladd
Great product!

We’ve been using N. A. G. Bags for almost a decade to help slow down our ‘easy keepers’. After daily use they have held up remarkably well. These slow feeders are well worth the investment. ‘Well made’ is an understatement. And customer service is outstanding. Thanks N. A. G. Bags!

Cynthia Curran

The nets are well designed and exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful customer service too!