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Great product. Fast delivery!

Amy P.
Stop the toss!

I have a 15 horse boarding facility, in Maryland, US. I only use rounds for 3 months but the lovely horses that flick the hay out of the poly ring looking for the best morsel make me want to scream. This net is super quick to install, need 2-3 people but it we installed 5 in less than 4 hours, the first was a learning curve, the last took 25 min. Purchased the 7’ with 2.75” openings. Will recoup cost in one winter.

Great product, wasn't sure how the top would be closed, but the hardware is heavy duty.

Simple and Easy!

After struggling for years with heavy full nets I decided to try the net toppers and pipe kit. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! The pipe kit included everything I needed so didn’t have to run to hardware stores. Weaved the pipe through the net, connected the ends, and attached to the feeder within a half hour all by myself. I should have attached lower on the feeder (but will be an easy adjustment) as the pony gets hay out the bottom but love that the net doesn’t get frozen in the ice/snow that packs around. Throw the feeder over and done! So much easier to feed on my own now!!!

Nice long length

I ordered the 5ft net with 2.75" holes, but had no idea how LONG it was going to be. I'm happy to say it measured out approx 22 feet long. I cut the net to make "grates" for my slow feeders - by roping the net on all four sides to a wooden frame. And I had enough to do all my feeders - yay! I've ordered Nag Bags in a smaller hole size before and my Belgian mare just rips them in no time. At this size there is hardly any hay wastage and no frustration, so all 8 horses are leaving the net alone and just enjoying their low sugar hay. Thanks!

Lori James
1/2 round bale nets

Love these nets with the black plastic round bale holder. Makes life way easy & the horses are super content on the free choice. Highly recommend & have told all my horsey friends their crazy not to feed this way. No muss, no fuss & NO wasted hay. Love Nag bags!!!