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Peak Performance - NAG Bags

Peak Performance…

The NAG Bag horse is always on top of their game, ready to perform and execute tasks to the best of their ability.

An athletic horse brings speed, control, endurance, and the ability to focus, who is in top shape, muscular, and healthy, where every muscle in his body works together to obtain Peak Performance.

The goal is to optimize his ability to perform, and the NAG Bag helps contributes to all these factors; as hay is 90 % of most horse’s diet. Hay needs to be fed correctly allowing trickle digestion to support his needs for a correctly functioning system, a crucial element to keep horses performance ready.

The intestines are made of muscles and require forage to keep them exercised and conditioned. Horses need to be chewing to produce saliva, a natural antacid. If horses run out of forage for longer than 2/3 hours we see physical pain, mental stress and formations of ulcers, as the stomach continuously secretes acid, even when empty.

Horses using NAG Bags are ready to ride and perform … not demonstrating issues i.e. girthy, bucking, rearing, unhappy, and many more that are pain associated with an empty stomach. These horses are not focused to perform. Fewer chances of ulcers, colic and cribbing.

Horses are generally much happier, and healthier in their life, with trailering, show stress and stabling, with the support of their NAG Bag.

Why … as they are in comfort, digestion is correctly working for your grazing animal.

Your athletic horse’s nutritional needs are enriched with NAG Bags.

Get your horse to be the best he can, with a NAG Bag!

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