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NAG Bags are all about quality products and standing behind our 100 % North America slow feeder.

Our nets are designed by the owner, an avid equestrian and competitor for many years. With implementing features for ease of use, quality and safety. Our nets are exclusive to us and designed for animals in mind. Made in Canada, and meeting our strict Canadian standards in textiles. Our seams are manufactured on the strongest industrial seaming machines, they never come apart. Top ropes are triple braided yacht lines, the best line for use in the all extreme weather elements, our closures are easy to use, simple and safe.

At NAG Bags we know what’s in our net and on our net – they are not imported from overseas with sticky formaldehyde or cheap top ropes to loop a neck or leg. We do not sell carabiner’s, or use them at all near horses, as they are much to dangerous, hooking easily into lips and or legs.

We do not recommend hooking nets in a loop from the bottom and tying the other end up – as this forms a great spot for a horse or any other grazers to get into trouble, and could cause strangulation. The method of securing the top and the bottom of a net should only be used in a tub in this manner. 

We are professionals in our industry and know the products. Speak to us if you need help with slow hay feeding, whether it be one net or a full facility install.

Our office is always willing to offer help and advice.

NAG Bags is a family business that cares and has many decades of knowledge, trained in nutrition, forage, husbandry in equine and cattle health.

We have been often copied….. but never duplicated. The first and original slow hay net company in Canada.

Trust, quality and knowledge is what we have to offer to Enrich and  Enhance your animal’s life.





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