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Back to Basics

bring foraging back to basic’s, and as natural as possible. The influence this has on health and digestion is overwhelming, the proof is in, as we see content happy well beings.

With studies showing near 97% of all horses in show barns, race tracks, recreational homes and some breeding establishments having or had issues with cribbing, ulcers, and colic.  Equine veterinarians and nutritionists have noted that these onsets are caused from the daily production of acid that a horse produces at a rate of up to 25 litres a day, this is produced to digest fibre intake and their saliva is the antacid … but they need to chew to produce saliva. So, with lack of feed, they will chew wood, savings, manure and many other items to help produce their natural antacid. One of the main sources for cribbing, ulcers, colic’s as well as stress and anxiety is from long hours of no saliva production.

The method used to treat ulcers is usually by suppressing the acid production with products that “will do that” – but this is a “treatment” and not addressing the underlying problem caused by lack of – “DIGESTION HOURS”

With these long hours of no saliva production is one of the main sources for cribbing, ulcers, colic’s as well as stress and anxiety.

And with continued acid reducing treatments we can start to see health weakening due to the primary issue not being treated. “Digestion”

Horses need forage to keep the acid production in harmony with their required digestion needs for a foraging animal. BACK TO BASICS, easy treatment extends the hours of hay digestion & consumption with the use of a NAG Bag, this will mimic the grazing needs for these horses, acid production will work as intended. We see fewer issues with cribbing, ulcers, colic, behavioural and anxiety. Horses are restored back to healthier, content animals.

The Costs and time to set up a facility with this easy system are much less than

the cost of your horse’s health or life. And will save you time and money in the for-coming. And we all strive for a happy, healthy environment.

We now have show barn’s and stables that are not allowing horses to be kept with OUT slow hay feeders – as they see the extreme health benefits and well-being.

NAG Bags offers large facilities “set up” discounts – and advice on best ways to implement your existing barns and or paddocks to help your facility change over …. you will never be disappointed.

We are not just people that sell nets – we are professionals and have years of knowledge and training. Trust us to give you the best advice possible.


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