NAG Bags to Enrich…

NAG Bags wholeheartedly was developed to "Enrich" life for all grazing animals and is especially geared to help equine’s struggling with Metabolic syndrome, laminitis, ulcers and colic.

Being involved in multiple equine disciplines throughout my lifetime and recognizing the expectations we do place on horses in the show world, racing, ranching and others – “I have seen a lot” and realized I wanted to enrich and enhance the lives of my own and others.

My own special horse “Scottie” needed a better feeding system and this is why and how NAG Bags evolved some 13 years ago.

ENRICH your animals live with a grazing system that works to boost and amplify health and well being. NAG Bags has for many years extensively helped, strengthen and enrich the equine lives. Aiding & helping with metabolic syndrome, laminitis, ulcers colic, cribbing as well with multiple other physical and emotional issues that we now see in modern-day horse keeping. Enrich your animal’s life by extending their foraging times and magnifying health and performance. You can sleep well; feeling good about your husbandry keeping and  …. Your horse will too.

NAG Bags will help you to change over to this method or to improve the way you are using slow feeders now, many options are available to make foraging easy, effective and safe for all animals and owners. We are happy to help Equestrian facilities, Stables, Ranches and others with discounts available for multiple net purchases and a free consult.

NAG Bags is a family business that cares and has many decades of knowledge, trained in nutrition, forage, husbandry in equine and cattle health.

Trust, quality and knowledge are what we have to offer to Enrich and  Enhance your animal’s life.



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